August Letter from Lilya!

This month, we decided to feature ONE letter at a time because we had pictures and videos to accompany it!

Without further ado, here’s our monthly report from Lilya one of the fabulous ladies who takes care of our cutie pies in the Happy Home at Kalinovka in Zaporozhia, Ukraine!


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Hi, Tanya!

How are you?  How is your health?

We are well and wishing you the same!

At work things are excellent.  It’s very hot outside, but the kids are learning willingly!  During the past two lessons, the boys have prepared bases for two birch trees.  Simultaneously, Serezha (Sergey) and I are making a raspberry bush.


We received a group of volunteers from England 1277923_379468688848149_1474710319_ohere in Kalinovka.  They played with the kids, gave them rides, taught them how to make handy things out of different materials.  Our guests also bought some of our beaded handiwork from us. We used the money to buy more beads.  We are also planning on purchasing more materials for our lessons – polish, paint, floral tape.  The goal is to, somehow, add more variety to our products.  We also need to buy different pots and little figurines to complete the models – rabbits, frogs, etc.  This will keep the boys interested and add to the beauty of the product!


At home everything is fine.  Getting ready for the first day of school!  I’ll end here.

Bye! Kisses!


(Translation by Kat Dudina, Maya’s Hope Volunteer)


A very relaxed Lilya at the sea!



Mariya (Our partner), Vinca (visitor from UK), and Lilya










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Lilya teaching art to the Happy Boys of the Happy Home at Kalinovka


If you are also curious about who collect Lilya’s letter and takes pictures, you can read more about Mariya here!

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