Aviann from New York… volunteer and sponsor!

Aviann: Volunteer and Sponsor!Aviann

Describe what you do as a volunteer!

On occasion I tend to help mostly with online research and some organizational stuff. This past holiday season, I helped transport and wrapped gifts. It was quite fun!


Why do you continue to help Maya’s Hope…?

Maya’s Hope holds a special place in my heart. As a teenager I volunteered for numerous organizations but I never felt a true bond because I felt like the organizations were so large that they did not put focus on whom we were helping. With Maya’s Hope, there is a constant reminder that we are in this to help the Cutie Pies! There are so many photos and heartfelt stories about these beautiful children abroad. Maya’s Hope makes it personal, makes the organization a family, and makes me feel like these kids are part of my life. The motivation to help them is so strong.


When did you start? 

St.-Georges-Ukrainian-Catholic-ChurchDecember 2009, I helped Maya sell Christmas cards for the Orphanage; I remember we were in front of a church trying to get people to take interest in our cards, but I was so shy I couldn’t really be outgoing with strangers, but there stood Maya yelling with the biggest smile on her face, “good day” (in Russian I believe) as people walked out of Church. I still remember how to say good day in Russian; but that wasn’t the only thing ingrained in me that day, Maya’s determination and strength was shining that day. I saw her willpower; standing in ten degree weather without hope of selling cards is a great sacrifice. From there on out, I knew I had to be part of this amazing organization.





Mohamed, Aviann and Maya bringing gifts to wrap!

I want to keep helping, because I love children. One day I hope to become a school counselor or teacher, whichever path I am guided in. I have this theory that children are innocent and they should not be hurt, unhappy, and uncared for.  I cannot care for every child in this world, but I can try my best to help those who are helping many.

jonel gifts

Aviann likes to spoil Jonel!










Maya with Jonel in Norzagaray, Bulacan, Philippines

Aviann sent Cray pas to the kids at Bethlehem House of Bread Orphanage and Maya recorded it!




Jonel today!

Jonel pic

Jonel when Aviann first sponsored him!












Aviann has sponsored Jonel since January 2011!

To volunteer or to sponsor a child like Jonel, email!


May 23, 2013: Aviann posted the following:


Today i received a picture of Jonel Paga graduating. I am oh so happy right now. So happy I went through the massive amount of mails I received through the years. Remarkable! From the very first paper where I learnt about him, to his first drawing sent to me, to pictures that has shown his growth in each and his personal letters. What an amazing gift.