A little fighter’s Birthday and Christmas wish…

Chesca turns 6 years old on Christmas Day.

Chesca is one of the special girls in our program.

At age 5, she was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma. Her parents could not afford her treatment or transportation and things seemed hopeless.

Her tumor grew to the size of a cantaloupe, until she could no longer walk.

The only thing that could brighten her day were her dolls.


Chesca in July 2014 before admitted into Maya’s Hope

In August 2014, Maya’s Hope accepted this little girl into our program even though the doctors said her chances were not good.


Chesca receiving treatment in her local hospital before Maya’s Hope.

Her cancer was diagnosed as Stage 4 and most doctors said she only had a 5% chance of survival. The medicine needed to treat her was too expensive for her family and the hospital was reluctant to treat her.

This is Chesca when we first took her to the doctor in Manila from her province.

The doctors (that Maya’s Hope had researched and located), at first wanted to amputate her arm. But by some miracle, her surgery was cancelled the day before it was scheduled to go ahead. They decided to do 6 cycles of chemotherapy with a concoction of 4 drugs that she had never been administered. To everyone’s relief, she would keep her arm.

Although she was scared and endured the many pokes and prods of needles, she made a video:

All Chesca wanted was for her arm to get better and to wear her princess dresses again.

She hated being in the hospital.


Chesca in the hospital undergoing chemo.

Due to her tumor she could no longer draw or color with her right hand, so she used her left hand.


Unable to use her right hand, she colors with her left hand.

Months later, she began to walk.


Chesca starts to walk in October 2014

And then with her tumor shrinking… her wish came true.  She got to wear her old dresses again!


Chesca models a costume on December 9th. She can wear dresses again!

We found out that her birthday is on Christmas day, we figured our tough little princess needed to receive a special gift for all her hard work. We asked her what she wanted.

A Barbie Doll.

But not just any Barbie doll. A Barbie doll in a purple dress because purple is her favorite color.

We searched and searched and finally, we found a Barbie! It is from 1997.


When we contacted DHL, they said it would cost $1270.00 to get this Barbie Doll to Chesca by Christmas.

Yes. $1270.00.

When we explained her story, to DHL, there was nothing they could do.

But we found a way…

Stay tuned to find out if Chesca gets her Barbie wish!!!!


To help our little girl fight, we need your help!  Please consider making a donation today as her bills have exceeded $17,000 USD.


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