Our Superstars through the years…

 They are blossoming before our eyes! Meet the original Cutie Pies of Maya’s Hope!



She is the first sponsored kid in Norzagaray, started when she was in Grade 4, always participate in school, friendly and helpful to others.  Their family is very thankful when they learn about her sponsorship. His father is a construction worker while her mother takes care of them and sometimes works as helper to their neighbour for extra income. Every Sunday Crisanta attends in their church (IEMELIF). She does the household chores with her sisters. Now she is in Grade 8, and in top 13. 1



He is the eldest son of Aleli. His father left them, has a brother. He was sponsored when he was in Grade 4, before he suffers from asthma, and he can’t play with his friends, he got his nebulizer from his sponsor and they are very thankful because it is a big help to them. Now he is in Grade 8, and can play basketball in school and in our Barangay for he belongs to the teen’s basketball team. He has recovered from asthma and doing well in school, and actively participating in school activities. His mother works as laundry woman to support their financial needs.Renz



She is the 5th child in their family. Her father works as helper, in which sometimes has no work, so her mother has to help in financial problems, but when she got sick, she has to stop and stay at home to take care of their kids. Rose Ann is in Grade 3, when she was sponsored. Now she is in Grade 6, and one of our graduating elementary sponsored kids. She participates in school and one of the majorettes. She does the household chores like washing clothes in the brook near their house. Everybody in their place has to go to the brook to take bath, fetch water, washed clothes. Seems they are happy with their lifestyle. She has many friends, has to walk along the rocky, and sticky (when it rains), muddy road when they go to school, for they live in the mountainous site. Her family sometimes sells vegetables to earn for her mother is sick and could not do heavy works at home.roseaan



She is a very shy girl. Helps do house chores by washing clothes and washing dishes. She is on the 13th top students in their section.  She loves to play doll. Her parents are working hard for them, same with her sister who works in the pharmacy as saleslady.  She has many friends whom she plays with every afternoon from school. She is the youngest. Now, she is in Grade 5.Vienna



She is the eldest daughter of Rosalie and Richard. Her father works as construction worker and sometimes has no job. They have eye-defect since birth. She has to get or put things close to her eyes to see and write. She has two brothers in which the 2nd has also eye defect.  They got it from their mother (heredity). Singing is her hobby, started sponsored when she was in Grade 4, now she is in Grade 8.christine



When you look at this boy, you would think that he belongs to native Filipinos, because he has curly black hair, black eyes and dark brown skin, like his mother.  He fetches water from the brook near them. Sometimes, he gets firewood to cook food, helps mother wash clothes, and other household chores, since he has no sister because she was killed by neighbour while on the way to school. Since then, Jeric learns to do such to help their mother. He is now in Grade 6. He walked through the rocky road with his friends in going to school, and he loves to play basketball.jeric



His father died early and their mother has to do all for them. As a vendor of cooked food in the morning, sells fish and vegetable at day time, she sells everything the whole day to earn income. They don’t have electricity at home. They sleep early. His sister lives with their relatives in Manila so that she could continue her studies and helps in the store.  Jonnel has been hospitalized few months ago and recovered now and actively participating in school activities. He can play basketball with his friends. He is now in Grade 8.jonnel



He was in Grade 1 when he got sponsored. The eldest son, with 2 brothers and his mother is pregnant for 4months now. His father is a construction worker, while his mother is a volunteer in our Barangay. He is one of the Boy scouts in School, and last month he joins the SPEECH CONTEST in which he got the first prize. He is also good in cartooning and joins the contests in other schools. His mother is very proud of him because at his age, he sells breakfast like hot cake, noodle, spaghetti, native food…to have extra income for them. He gets firewood at their backyard, fetch water, washed clothes with his mom, plays with his friends when he got time. He is a studious son and kind brother.edwin



When she was chosen as a sponsored kid, she was then in Grade 8, one of the top students since elementary. She loves to draw and wants to be a Fashion Designer someday. Every child in their place asks for her help to draw for them. She is sweet and friendly. At home, she helps get firewood, cook food, wash clothes in the brook near their house. Most of their neighbor goes to the brook to fetch water, wash clothes, took bath, for they don’t have faucets.  Also they don’t have electricity that’s why they sleep early at night. She goes to school as early as 5:30 in the morning and walks along the rocky road with her friends and classmates.sariel



He is the eldest son of Maricris. His father died when his mother was pregnant with their sister, and had a heart attack while playing basketball, the day after Ceejay and Cristan were baptized. Their mother works as a vegetable vendor, and sometimes they help her in selling the veggies in the market.  They get firewood to cook food, fetch water from the spring near the cave, somewhat far from their house. He is now in Grade 5. He is a gaily boy and has many friends, loves to play basketball and football.ceejay



He was in Grade 2 when chosen as sponsored kid. A very gaily and helpful child, who helps in charcoal making, fetch water and clean the backyard. Having stepbrother is not a hindrance for him because his Kuya Jorrymie is very kind to him and they both are in good terms. Their parents told them to love each other as they did. Their parents are charcoal maker and sell it to the market. It is a seasonal job so when rainy season comes they have to look for another way to have income.  They are used to this lifestyle. He is active in school. He is now in Grade 5, and doing well in school.belly



He is the 2nd child of Maricris. His father died the day after he was baptized, had a heart attack while playing basketball. From then on, at an early age, the two brothers help their mother in financial needs. They sell vegetables from their garden, mother works as laundry woman every weekend and vendor weekdays.  They live near the cave, and walk through the field in going to school.  Every Saturday, he gets firewood in the farm near them.  As of now he is in Grade 4, loves to play basketball.





She lives with her aunt since birth, because her parents are in Quezon province and can’t support all her needs. Her father is a farmer. Her cousins teach her everything she needs in school. Before, she is too shy to talk with, maybe because she came from the province and not at ease to anybody but now she had many friends in school and participates in school activities. She is now in Grade 6, a graduating student in elementary.




She is the youngest in their family, a gaily girl who loves to sing while doing some household chores. Her brother who is good in art teaches her to draw while they are resting in the afternoon. She wants to learn to play keyboard, piano or guitar. Sometimes she takes care of her baby nephew. In school, she was teased by some students for being small, has many friends, join the activities, a class officer, top 8th in their section. As of now she is in Grade 8.pamael



She lives with her grandmother and has a sibling. Their father left them and her mother has to work that’s why she stays with her Lola Lilia.  Bea loves to play doll with her cousins and friends. She shares what she has with her play mates. At her early age she knows that her parents are separated. She is one of the Girl Scouts in their school.bea


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