Catching up with Rommel’s sponsor Hyo Sang

Hyo Sang has been a sponsor for more than 2 years with Maya’s Hope. She was my piano mentor in music school and my “big sister” who kept me out of trouble. Now she’s a big sister to little Rommel. I met with Hyo Sang to catch up with her last week and to give her updates on Rommel.

She tells me, “I get cards and notes from Rommel from time to time. Especially, I was very touched to receive a get well card that Rommel made. I know it is a lot of work for sisters at the orphanage, so I do appreciate getting cards from him. I also enjoy getting pictures from Maya where I can find Rommel among many children and see how much he has grown. I often time find myself smiling when I find Rommel’s bright face in pictures. It has been wonderful years. I just wish that I could do more for him.”