Chesca, Our Princess

Chesca's mother told her about all the love and support and Chesca wanted to share this picture. She said not to be sad and just pray for her.

Chesca’s mother told her about all the love and support and Chesca wanted to share this picture. She said not to be sad and just pray for her.

I want to thank everyone for their prayers, their donations, and their compassion for Chesca.


The results from the bone scan show that cancer has spread in Chesca’s body. She was seen last night by doctors in Manila and the focus will be palliative care.


I know that this is unfortunate news to share, but I wanted supporters and friends to understand what steps are being taken.


We appreciate your support as we will be focusing on pain management for Chesca and she will no longer be receiving chemotherapy.


Chesca still needs your help, and if you can donate any amount to help with her treatment, it still improves her quality of life. We do not want our princess to suffer…

You can donate here:…/…/mayashope


Someone asked why did we stop chemo?

Here is the best answer from one of our supporters, a nurse:

When cancer metastasizes (spreads) through the body very rarely do they give chemo for palliative. With this young princess it would be more destructive to give her chemo considering she is now palliative. Now is the stage where you do your best to keep her as pain free as possible and make her last days as comfortable as possible and try and give her everything you can. I specialize in palliative care and there are no perfect answers but to keep the person as comfortable as possible and give them what they want to the best of your ability. Palliative care as heartbreaking as it is is so rewarding and the people that do it do it because they care and no we don’t always get it right but we put our hearts and souls into it. Chesca wont always be 100% pain free but I can assure you those caring for her will do the best they can to keep the pain at the lowest level they can to ensure her final journey is as peaceful as possible. My heart goes out to her an her family and those caring for her because we do feel their pain and we do get emotional but we never show the family’s or our patients how much we are actually emotionally involved as it would be detrimental to their well-being after all we are there to care for them.

Again, thank you for all of your prayers, kind words, support, and more…

Chesca has made it this far thanks to you.