Chloe Has Been Busy!

An update from Chloe for her supporters!

Hello Maya’s Hope! Sending some photos and videos of Chloe for some updates. Thank you very much again Maya’s Hope!

Therapy – more of neck and back mobilization for Chloe to prepare her for standing exercises. Chloe’s artwork…

unnamed (14)

unnamed (15)
Chloe’s school activity:
They recently had a cooking competition.Their entry ‘ginataang mais with malunggay’ really taste yummy! They won 1st place! Yay! here’s our lil chef in action.

unnamed (16)

While doing assignments and reviewing for upcoming lessons, she fell asleep she was so tired because she just came home from therapy session…

unnamed (17)
One of Chloe’s household chores…

unnamed (18)

Chloe got the 1st rank in her class for the first semester.

unnamed (19)

God is good..sending love and kisses for all the cutie pies and of course for the Maya’s Hope family!

God Bless us all!😘❤

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