Chloe – Proud to be a Maya’s Hope Superstar!

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Good day Maya, Chloe is proud to be a Maya’s Hope Superstar as well! We are sending videos and photos of what a ‘therapy day’ is like to her.

“The components of walking were being focused at the lower level first to decrease her tendency to compensate due to weakness of the neck, proximals and legs. The alignment of the legs with the pelvis (hip joints) and ankles are also contributing to her limited production of power and stability in standing, and most esp. in walking. Strengthening of the connection of the neck and proximals and it’s activation for better stability of the trunk (more chin-in in longer time). Mobilization of the pelvis, legs, and ankles for correct/better alignment to produce more activity of the legs and proximal muscles.”  – Teacher Ayra

Plus her recent rank in class and photos of her in a magazine. Thankful for these blessings!