February and March – Report from our Foster Home caregiver!

Read the letters from the caregivers who love our cutie pies!

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February – During the reporting period, the following work was carried out with children. In the morning, the children rise, make their beds, dress, wash, brush their teeth, the girls braid pigtails, do exercises, have breakfast and go to school. Masha and Andrei remain at home, they love to put together puzzles, design, draw. Masha loves the pet cats and learns to care for them, feed them and handle them carefully. Andrei is learning how to vacuum in the house, to dust, to smooth clothes in the closet.

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After school, I teach lessons with children. On Valentine’s Day, all the children made valentines and then gave them to mom, dad and nannies. Now preparing for the holiday of March 8. Tonya, Nadia, Kolya learn poems, Masha and Andrei dance.

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In the home economics class, Nadia and Seryozha learned how to bake bagels, Tonya learned to use an electric waffle-iron oven.

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Maxim is studying the book “Actor’s Skill” and he is also involved in the sport of the gym (raises dumbbells).

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Nadia is learning how to make minor repairs to clothes. 

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All children communicate well with each other and help each other.


March – At home economics classes, Nadia learned to bake pancakes and she did quite well.

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Tonya learned to sew on buttons. Maxim, Nadia and Kolya teach lessons after school, then we draw with the children, read books. Maxim, Nadia and Tonya take turns reading, the other children listen and discuss what they read. Every child tells what he understood from what he read.

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Every day there is a person on duty in the dining room who cleans dirty dishes from the table and helps to set the table. We added another family member, a boy, Igor, he is 14 years old. He goes to school grade 6. The boy is calm, sociable, good child, he made friends with the rest of the children. He says that he likes it here. Loves to play constructor and use the typewriter.

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Masha and Andrei learned to collect more complex puzzles.

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Maxim is going to rehabilitation in the city of Kiev. Learning to do with my help steps without his walker. We go for walks with the children outside.Now that it’s warmer outside, the kids started spending more time outside. Kolya and Seryozha help to clean near the house, learn to weed the flowerbeds. Boys love to play with the ball, play on the playground in outdoor games and ride on a swing.