Give love to a Ukrainian Orphan – a Monthly Promise!


The children living in rural orphanages and institutions in Ukraine that Maya’s Hope supports have physical and mental disabilities.

Most of them were abandoned by their mothers at birth, then banished to a remote village where they are considered outcasts with no future in the society.


Your monthly pledge will help sponsor a “Guardian Angel”— a caregiver who serves as a mother and teacher to children living in orphanages and institutions.


They will provide sick children with the love and care they need, and prepare the capable children for a life of adult autonomy.


Your contribution will go toward the salaries of caregivers hired, trained and managed by our charity partners in Ukraine. Your gift is US tax-deductible.

To become a Guardian Angel, you can set up your monthly pledge below!

Choose your pledge amount from those listed below or email to set up a custom amount!

$15 per month 

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