Margarita Fights to Live

I haven’t shared Margarita’s story in a while! If you don’t know Margarita… I consider her to be a princess. I think she’s beautiful “Princess Margaret.”

Unfortunately, this princess requires a special formula this is quite costly… and she’s not the only child in need of Peptamen…

Ashlee sponsors formula for Tanya who is 18 years old, requires the same formula to fight every day for her life… While I like to call it “Margarita’s Hope”, it’s for all the kids at Kalinovka who are bedridden and severely ill who cannot eat a normal diet. They all deserve a fighting chance… 🙂
One of the children under Nikolai’s care at the Chernigov orphanage in Kalinovka, Ukraine is Margarita. She was abandoned by her parents because of her health problems. She is five, but you wouldn’t have guessed that by looking at her size.
via Maya’s Hope – on Facebook