Hermalina – Norzagaray

To save her family from poverty. This is Hermelina’s Hope.

This young lady is a girl of ambition. At six years old, she already knows what she wants to do with her life:  To receive a proper education in order to save her family from poverty. Not many six years olds in the United States can express a true love and devotion for their families. However, this beautiful girl has already set her sights on her future.

Hermelina is just like any other child though. She is part of the first grade at Bonga Mayor Elementary School. She loves to read; she loves to draw; and she mostly loves to play games with her friends. Chinese garter, the opposite variation of the universally-known game “limbo”, is among her favorites.

Hermelina currently lives with her father, a tricycle driver, and her grandparents. As for her mother, she passed away quite some time ago. From her letter, there is no doubt that she truly misses her mother. Hermelina loves the people in her life now and sincerely cherishes them. This also includes her brother and her sister.

Fortunately, their home does provide running water, electricity, and access to a latrine. However, it is only one room, one room for five people. They sit upon the soil as their floor and lean against plywood as their walls under a galvanized iron roof. The family cooks by firewood. Hermelina contributes what she can to her home; she willingly washes the plates and helps out in household chores while her father is at work.

Thank you for your sponsorship and thank you for showing Hermelina that there are people out there who can make a difference and who can act out of the kindness of their hearts. Welcome to the Maya’s Hope Family.