Igor’s new friend… Artem

When we first learned that our little Igor needed a surgery, it was one of the scariest moments since we’ve been helping children.

In November 2012, we lost two angels at Kalinovka. Anastasia and Zhenya. It was the darkest moments… since Maya’s Hope has started. We wanted to help the neediest of children, but little did we know, how much they in fact needed  us.

When we got the message that Igor was in dire need of help, we made this video…

And guess what… we made a miracle happen! We raised MORE than what we needed for the operations in less than two weeks!

See HERE where we raised 127% of our goal!

So when he started to heal from the surgeries, he was still getting sick. We were so worried for our little boy…


Mariya tenderly holding a fragile Igor after his surgery

Our partner Mariya was so worried for him and loves him so dearly… she called the doctor always checking on Igor and getting Igor his medicine.

After the surgeries, Mariya told us that Igor is just not healing well. If he isn’t getting fed properly or exercising, he’s not going to make it.

So that’s when Maya’s Hope came to shed a light of hope for Igor… With the extra funds we had set aside for Margarita’s Hope and Igor’s surgeries, we agreed to hire a caregiver at the orphanage where Igor is so that he can give extra attention to our little buddy.

When we got a video of Igor walking with his caregiver Artem.. we were bursting with joy!


So, we’re happy to say that Artem has been by Igor’s side and giving him the loving attention Igor needs.

Today, you can see how happy our little Igor is with his new friend Artem.


Igor happily in good hands… with Artem


Superstar Igor



Igor after his first surgery


If you would like to keep Igor smiling and in good hands, we hope you click HERE on how you can help!






Hear what Artem has to say!

1. Why did I choose to study physical rehabilitation as a profession?


I chose this profession because it only recently came to be in damand.  This field actively explores the medical, sanatorium type and specialized areas (salon massage, SPA services) establishments. A rehabilitation therapist gains a sizeable amount of experience in: massage, physiotherapy, chiropratic, methods of recreation and many more.  This profession helps individuals to return to their daily routines and into the workforce after recovering from illnesses or accidents.

1. Почему я решил обучаться на специальности «физическая реабилитация»?Я решил обучиться по этой специальности, так как она только с недавних времён стала актуальной. Эта сфера деятельности активно внедряется в медицинские, санаторно-курортные, специализированные (салон массажа, SPA салон) учреждения.

Реабилитолог имеет в своем спектре немало навыков: массаж, лечебная гимнастика, хиропрактика, рекреационные методы и многие другие. Эта специальность позволяет вернуть население в повседневную жизнь и в трудовую деятельность после перенесённых заболеваний или травм.


2.  Why did I decide to work in the children’s home?


First of all, I find it more interesting and pleasant to work with children.  They display real emotions, without the need for flattery – children are sincere.  Children love you for no reason, they don’t care about your social status or your financial situation. Secondly, the children with whom I work, aside from psychological disorders, suffer from a long list of physical ailments, which include:  paresis (loss of muscle function), plegia (spastic syndrome), muscle atrophy, limb deformities, cardiopathy and others.  For these reasons I enjoy working where I feel loved and simultaneously can see a positive effect on the children’s physical conditions.

2. Почему я решил работать в детском доме – интернате?Во – первых, с детьми интересней и приятней работать. Они показывают настоящие эмоции не завуалированные лестью, дети искренни. Дети любят тебя без всяких причин, им не нужен твой статус в обществе, их не волнует твоё материальное положение.

Во – вторых, у детей с которыми я работаю помимо психических расстройств наблюдается большой перечень физических отклонений, среди них: парезы (угнетённая иннервация мускулатуры), плегии (спастический синдром), атрофия, деформации конечностей, кардиопатии и др.

По этому приятно работать , когда тебя искренне любят и при этом видеть положительный результат в физическом состоянии детей.


3.  Why did I accept the position of a rehabilitation specialist in the organization “Happy Child”?


I was instructed to work in general with only one child, who is physically most seriously ill.  Some of his diagnoses are: decompensated hydrocephalus, atrophied visual nerve, overall atrophy.  This child practically lacks fat and muscle tissue and he went through a number of operations to bypass the cerebral ventricles.  He was in urgent need of postsurgical rehabilitation.  His daily routine includes physical exercises, massage and changes in positions from lying to sitting and standing.

3. Почему я согласился на работу реабилитолога в БФ «Счастливый ребенок»?Мне было поручено работать в основном с одним ребёнком, который является соматически самым тяжелым больным. Среди его диагнозов: декомпесированная гидроцефалия, атрофия зрительного нерва, общая атрофия. У ребёнка практически отсутствовали жировой и мышечный слои, им было перенесено ряд операций по шунтированию желудочков головного мозга.

Ребёнку требовалась срочная реабилитация в послеоперационный период. В план работы входит ежедневная физическая нагрузка, массаж, смена положения с лежачего на сидячее или вертикальное.


Translation by Kat Dudina.

Submitted by Maya Rowencak.

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