My Interview with Wayne Barrett

(Because I love pink, I’m the text in Pink.)

What is your greatest victory?

My greatest victory was over Asthma as a child.

Wayne, his dad, and brother (2010)

Who were your role models? 

I would say my dad and martial artists like Roy Jones, Jr.

Who were your favorite heroes or superheroes as a child?

Superman, Batman, but my all time favorites are Wolverine and the Hulk.

Did you have any traumatic experiences?

The biggest lost in my young life would be the death of my grandmother. She was my favorite person.   

What was your dream as a child?

I dreamed of being a doctor and a lawyer.

Who was your “real” hero?

I would say that over time I realize that what you think you want to be like is not all it’s cracked up to be. I look up to anyone that can be themselves and not fake for others.

What is your greatest weakness?

I have a sweet tooth. SMH (shake my head) And I am a perfectionist when it comes to the sport.

A Hero

What is your dream today? 

My dream now is to be a better human being all around, to dominate and remain undefeated, inspire others, and leave a legacy that my kids would be proud to say that I am their dad.

Do you think children today need role models or superheroes?

I think we all need a base when we are kids and if someone appears to be doing the right thing at that moment and their actions provide a positive impact, then a role model is needed.

Are children today less fortunate?

I don’t think that kids are less fortunate today as far as first-world kids. I believe that the generations to come are smarter, more resourceful, and capable of surviving. Outside the US, I would say that the world is harsh. If you don’t get a break, then life can be terrible especially compared to our standard of living here in the US.

Can you share with us something you overcame? 

Lil’ Wayne

I overcame my surroundings and the possibility of going down the wrong road thanks to my dad. Being from a poor island in the Caribbean, the answer is usually violence or drugs and if I would not have gotten my chance in the USA, I may have fallen into the same dark road. My dad sacrificed a lot and gave up everything he had to get us out of the country and a chance at life as I know it as a citizen of the USA.

Are you very religious? Has God been important in your life, your whole life?

I’m not as religious as I should/could be, but in my times of weakness, doubt, and uncertainty I turn to God. I have had an amazing life and when I look back, I don’t know how I survived things in my life, but I grew up knowing at a young age that faith is something we need.   I haven’t mastered it, but I am proof that there is something at work greater than our own understanding. But I’m not perfect nor do I want to give the impression of perfection.

 Contributed by Maya Rowencak and Wayne Barrett (July 2013)