January 2015 – Sophie’s Letter!

Read the letters from the caregivers who love our cutie pies!

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Hello, sister!

How are you? I’m alright. For the first time in many years I celebrated New Year’s at home with my family. But when I came to work next day all kids rushed to wish me a happy New Year. That is so awesome when someone loves you and waits for you! Children prepared a New Year’s concert. They dressed up, sang songs, and recited poems. They did a great job!
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We had a Christmas tree. Artem and Sasha also actively participated in the New Year’s preparations. Yura, Vanya and Maxim were so happy decorating the Christmas tree!
Of course every child likes a Christmas tree, but they were also so thrilled to receive their Christmas presents. If Oleg was here, he would probably even try to pull Santa’s beard. When we celebrated Orthodox New Year on January 14th Sasha went caroling at his mother’s place. He calls her Tanya. When he got back, his eyes were shining and he was so proud of doing everything right. Next year we are planning to do that again.


When it snowed for the first time this season all kids rushed to the door in the morning and were clapping and jumping. Snow is quite a rarity now…After the breakfast, boys dressed up and rushed outside. They did all these crazy things – played snowballs, made a snowman, sleighed, yelled, and even tasted the snow.


We also have little Picassos here. Vanya and Yura draw on the walls expressing their emotions with pencils. We also made a paper orchid and a mum. Children were very careful making every petal, every detail. They are always so serious about making everything correctly.
Ok, I will finish my letter here. Bye-bye!

Translated by Lyudmyla Korchevska

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