January letters from Ukraine!!

Each month our Ukrainian Mommas write about how fabulous and incredible the cutie pies are… under their loving care.

We try to deliver them to you as soon as we can – thanks for your patience!

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Lilya’s letter

2014-02-12 14-47-03_0078

Hey, Tanya!
How’s everything? How is your health? Here everything is OK! We’re continuing our beading classes. ‎ Made a new birch tree and a magnolia. And now Sasha and I are making a new tree. Then Oleg and I will focus on making a tree called “Tutti-Frutti”. It will be made from multi-colored beads of different sizes.
Every time a new item is made, I assign it to one specific child, who, after everyone strings the beads on the wire, participates in putting the tree together and completes the final product. After that the child has to be responsible for maintaining it.
This place is always so full of life, the boys draw you in so powerfully with their energy that everything else in the world is forgotten! At home ‎everything is fine as always! Write! Bye!

Sophie’s letter

2014-02-12 14-52-11_0079

Hello, sister!
How is everything? How is work? I’m doing well! At work the kids are making us happier with each passing day. They enjoy counting, writing and solving addition and subtraction problems.‎ They can recognize and name numbers and geometric shapes. Everything we’re learning gets written in a separate notebook. During almost all of our classes with the kids I also conduct independent work with them. They solve problems, add and subtract, we go over past work, signs for “more”, “less” and “equal to.” They put together puzzles, draw, color and make things out of clay. Play outside. Watch cartoons, play video games.
And in general everything is OK! Till we meet again! Write! All the best to you!

Raisa’s letter

2014-02-12 15-25-30_00832014-02-12 15-27-09_0084

Hello, girlfriend Maya. This is a letter from the caregiver, Raya Gudenko from dorm #2.
I’m letting you know that everything is fine with us. We celebrated New Year’s at home, surrounded by family.
At work everything is also going well. Olya Radulova has started crawling well, can stand up with help and stands well in her crib. Sasha Kosarmygin can sit up with confidence on his own. The kids get massaged and have become calmer.‎ They also play well in the playroom. We play with the ball, put together blocks, love to watch cartoons.
This month we have two birthday celebrants. Danil Levchenko is turning 13 years old and Olya Radulova will be 8. As for the weather, it very windy and snowy. But in general everything is fine. We wished the kids happy holidays. No other news.
At home everything is in order. My son is on break from school and my daughter still studying.
Alright, bye.

Olga’s letter

2014-02-12 15-06-43_0080

2014-02-12 15-08-04_0081

2014-02-12 15-09-59_0082

Hello, dear girlfriend!
Olga and the kids are sending you our warmest wishes‎. We want to tell you about the first month of 2014.
This is my 6th year of  working with these children and this is the first time that the administration of the orphanage has decided not to organize a New Year’s celebration for the kids. We did not get a visit from Old Man Frost (Santa Claus) and his Snow Lady. They said the kids don’t eat candy so there is no reason to pay them a visit.
But our kids are smart, they keep excelling, even if it’s little by little, but we’re still moving forward.
Angela can stand for a few moments by herself, without support, and we continue to teach her to walk. Sasha Kosormygin is learning to stand – we sit him down on a walker and he can stand for a while, then when his legs get tired, he sits down again.
It’s interesting to watch Danya and Foma – for some reason they always want to play with the same toy, so get ready for some tug-of-war – so far Foma is a solid winner.  Foma also pulls up well by the arms and can stand up with help.
Varya is a little twister. I try to put her at a desk, to let her sit a little, but she wiggles herself out of any situation and only sits quietly for a bit on someone’s lap.
At home everything is fine, no news. I guess that’s all I wanted to write about.

Translated by Kat Dudina