July 2013 – Letters from Kalinovka have arrived!

A Guardian Angel is a caregiver who serves as a mother and teacher.


From Natasha . . .

2013-08-13 15-10-21_01512013-08-13 15-12-06_0152Hello, dear friend!

We decided to write you a letter with the kids from dorm 1. We have some changes to report: nine of our kids were transferred to the Zaporozh’e Children’s Home and we have 19 people remaining.

The kids went to camp and on vacation to the sea, and they returned more tanned and healthier. It was Larisa Kozak’s birthday on July 25. They baked a cake for us, we set the table and wished a happy birthday to the birthday girl – gave her gifts, turned on some music and had a lot of fun – it was awesome!

Ruslan Vienko started speaking better, recognizes people’s voices and calls them by their names. There is little progress in Katya Avdusenko’s educational endeavors, but she is good at helping the caregivers and the other kids on cafeteria duty, in their rooms, fulfilling requests – she is like everyone’s older sister, taking care of them.

Also, they transferred Anton Goryukov from dorm, and other than that there is nothing new. We practice writing with the kids, drawing, putting puzzles together, taking daily walks outside.

I guess we’ll end the letter here. Good-bye. Write – we are waiting for a response.

With the best wishes,  children from

dorm 1 and their caregiver N.V. Prodanova


From Sophie . . .

2013-08-13 15-08-00_0150Hi, Sister!

How are you? Everything is excellent with us. At work all is well. The kids do their math homework; learn the signs (plus, minus, equal, multiplication, division). They’re also learning geometric figures. We are discussing concepts such as “a lot” and “a little”, signs “more than” and “less than”.

They also color in the coloring books, watch cartoons and discuss their content. They play different games outside. In general everything is fine. That’s all! Good-bye. Write!

Signed on 7/20/13



From Lilya . . .

2013-08-13 14-58-11_01452013-08-13 15-00-17_0146









Hi, Tanya!

How are you? How’s your health? The weather? What’s new? We are fine and wishing you the same!

At work everything is the same. I am still teaching lessons in beading. This month the kids and I have made some new items. Simultaneously we learned about new plants and instilled in the kids the love of beauty. We made a hyacinth and a gloxinia. Now we are preparing parts for a strawberry plant. The boys are asking a multitude of questions. They are very curious to see other plants – the types that they are not used to seeing here! My former interest in flowers saves me now.

Recently I was lucky to have worked a shift at the “Happy House”. I was walking down the alley and enjoying the following scenery – roses blooming by the house and grape vines, covering the arch in front! The sunrise made the little house surrounded by roses and grapes seem magical! And on the doorstep there sat a little “elf” – Artem! He was sitting, looking at me and smiling. And said, “Hey you!”

The fresh morning air, the rising sun, the smell of the roses and his angelic smile gave me such a thrill!!! If only each child from our house became just as calm and peaceful! This requires a lot of time, work and patience, but it’s possible!

Yesterday Sasha said to me, “It’s so nice that you come to work with us.” I don’t think anything in the world is more pure than a child’s love!

Starting tomorrow, I’m on vacation. We’ll still work on beading.

At home everything is the same. We are starting the harvesting. It’s the last month of the summer! It would be so nice to get some rest, vacation at the sea! I hope it will happen!





From Raisa . . .

2013-08-13 15-01-50_01472013-08-13 15-03-41_0148Hello, dear girlfriend.

This letter is from the caretaker of dorm #2, Raisa Gudenko. I am writing to tell you that everything here is fine. Most of the time the kids spend playing outside. I read them books, also we play ball and they like playing with musical toys and listening to music – children’s songs on CDs.

Nastya Mazhaeva and Danil Kur’yanov are speaking some words and the names of the caretakers. I also teach Yegor to stand, but for now it isn’t going too well.

Vlada Cheriobrut vacationed on the sea and returned well rested. Vlad Onefreychuk just turned 17 years old.

At home everything is fine. My daughter just started her 5th year of law school. My son, Vitalik, was accepted at ZNTU in Zaporozh’e to study “tourism.” No bad news for now.

Good-bye. Respectfully,


From Valya . . .

Hello, dear girlfriend!

My boys and I are sending you a big hello.2013-08-13 15-06-16_0149
Would like to share our successes and setbacks with you.
In general, everything is fine with us. The boys have grown bigger, stronger and more tan. They have become great helpers. They help clean up the house and outside territory, collect their toys, trash and fallen branches. In the past they would always be in front of the television or the computer watching fairy tales, but now they are learning to listen to each other and hold discussions. They gladly play ball and bowl as well as ride their scooters and give each other rides as well.

At times, as in any family, we have minor issues – someone is fooling around or isn’t listening to us. In this case the boys themselves scold the culprit.

7/27/13 we had a birthday – Maksim Polishko has turned 14 years old. We baked him a cake and wished a happy birthday. Also, he was given some toys and stickers, and he is very happy.

Will end here! All the best to you, good-bye.



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Translation by Kat Dudina, Maya’s Hope volunteer.



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