June 2014 Letters from Caregivers at Kalinovka

Read the letters from the caregivers who love our cutie pies!

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Letter from Olya

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June 2014

Olya with Anzhela and Sasha

Hello, dear girlfriend.


Sending you best wishes from Olga and the girl of dorm #6. Our whole family is together right now – the girls are back from camp and we are getting settled. I’m trying to understand who likes what and what each of them needs.



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With the older girls – Larisa, Katya and Vera – we write in script, put together puzzles, build pyramids and make things out of clay. It’s interesting to see how they take care of the younger girls. Zhenya puts blocks together with great interest, builds towers – the blocks fall, but she still puts them back up with determination. Zhenya must be watched at all times because she can hurt Olya and Anzhela.


The summer is in full swing and we try to spend more time outdoors, take trips to visit the guys in dorm #5‎, walk along the river. Right now Katya and Larisa are planning a trip to the sea and all they can talk about is how they’ll go swimming and rest.

At home everything is fine. I’ll end my short letter here.



Good bye.



Natasha’s Letter

June 2014

The Letter.

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Natasha with Zhenya and Vera

Hello Maya. So I’ve decided to write to you again. How are you doing? How is your health? How is your summer going? I am doing fine. The children from the 5th building, the building where I work, went to the sea on vacation. They came back after two weeks and we resumed our lessons. Artem, Ruslan, Sasha and I were making sunflowers out of “special arts and crafts type of paper”. First, we had to make a lot of yellow and black flowers and then, when you combine them, you get one big flower. The guys really liked this activity and they wanted to make more and more of these. But more importantly, the final result surprised them: the process of making such a sunflower is not difficult and at the end, you get such a beautiful flower. What’s more, the guys decided to decorate the pavement with color chalk. They drew a house, the sun and all of these pictures were decorated with different colors. The weather helped us keep the pictures for a while, which made the boys very happy. This was how the week passed by. I am writing you a short letter, for I don’t want to take too much of your time. See you soon.

Translated by Tamara Kirillova


Original version in Russian

Письмо. Привет Мая. Вот снова решила тебе написать. Как твои дела? Как здоровье? Как проводить лето? У меня все хорошо. Дети из пятого корпуса, где я работаю ездили на море. Приехали через две недели, и мы продолжили свои занятия. Мы делали с Артемом, Русланом и Сашей подсолнух из гафрированой бумаги. Сначала надо было сделать много цветочков черного и желтого цвета, а потом соединить и получиться один большой цветок. Ребятам понравилась такая затея и они хотели делать больше и больше. А итог порадовал их, они были удевлены, так просто делается , а получается очень красиво. А еще возле нашего корпуса ребята решили разукрасить асфальт, разноцветными мелками. Рисовали домик, солнце и все это украшено разными по форме и цвету, цветами. Погода помогла нам сохранить рисунки пару дней, это радовало мальчиков. Вот так прошла неделя. Пишу тебе коротенькое письмо,не буду занимать много твоего времени. До скорой встречи.

Lilya’s Letter

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Katya with Lilya the caregiver

‎Hello, my darling girlfriend!

We haven’t spoken in so long, so I decided to write to you! How are you? How is work?

Everything here is normal, that is, good. We just returned from a children’s health center where we took a group of kids. My boys and girls, who had just returned from another group home where they were staying temporarily, while awaiting their current placement. They day we were leaving there was a grand opening of Happy Home #2. I hope the girls will be happy and comfortable there. They will have an easier time adapting to new families (I so hope it will happen) after a house like that than a typical dormitory, where there are 30-40 people.

The Happy Home‎ has already adopted out 4 out of 9. I think they feel just like fish in water. They are very sociable and love life. If only there were more of such “happy homes.”

I want to send a huge hello to my boys – Serezha, Alesha, Oleg and Maksim as well as their parents!

Sergey with Mariya




Sending lots of hugs and kisses! Sending them all my love! I will always remember them!



At the health center we were a bit thrown off by the weather. It was rainy and cold the entire time. We drank phyto-tea, went to the pool and the disco, did beading work, put together puzzles, drew and played different games. Entertained ourselves as best we could! And the guys have made lots of new friends! 


‎At the good-bye party, Vera jumped up in her wheelchair about 2 feet up in the air. But the thrill of it made her forget the fear and she started clapping in excitement! 


Zhenya would adorably try to wash my face – nanny Larisa!





Katya has learned to wash her own face! 






Miroslava, at lunch, had decided that her lunch wasn’t over so she went and sat on a step in the cafeteria, confusing the cooks.! 🙂







Varya said the words “mama” and “am” several times! The boys ran around the place as if they were on fire! At times I suspect they run on batteries!


We brought back rocks, shells, beaded pieces and lots of positive emotions!


I’ll end my letter here! Write more often!





Translated by Kat Dudina