Less than $2 a day? Can you live like that?

Can you imagine living on less than $2 a day?


I can’t imagine how my life would change if this were the case. That’s a whole lot less than 1% of my college tuition, 5% of what I spend on my monthly phone bill and the cost of a single subway ride from my home to school.*Mar 24 - 00:05*

It’s quite difficult to find a decent meal–let alone any meal–for only two dollars, which is why it’s surprising that almost half the population in the Philippines survive on less than $2 a day1.

The problem is that living at poverty level is even harder for kids.

There are over 40 million children in the Philippines but almost half of these kids survive on only a few dollars a week2.

Sacrificing an education to work may be common for the kids in the Philippines, but not so much for us.  This is because they learn to provide for themselves since a very small age.  They’re more concerned with whether or not they have enough food to eat on a day to day basis over how nutritious the food actually is.

Of these 20 million kids living below the poverty lines, almost 2 million are orphans who can no longer count on their parents to help support them3. Kids don’t just receive financial support from their parents. Kids also receive emotional and moral support in the form of advice, nurture and love.

Maya’s Hope tries to bring financial and moral support to these adorable children and prevent them from being starved of food, hope and love.

-Contributed by Alice Huang.

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