Letters from our caregivers at Kalinovka February 2014

Raisa’s Letter

2014-03-12 15-37-05_0099 2014-03-12 15-38-19_0100Hello, my friend Maya

This is a letter from the caregiver of dorm #2 Raisa Gudenko.

I want to tell you that I’m doing fine.  In the dorm everything is fine as well.  The kids haven’t been ill, play well, have become more active.  The kids receive massages.  Sasha Kosarmygin have started to get up on his own, holding on to the table and can take a few steps with the help of an assistant.

Varvara Dmitruk can hold a spoon with the help of a caregiver and is learning to eat on her own and improving.

At home everything is fine. Although my son broke his leg, but it is healing.  My husband works as well, getting ready to plant soon.

This month we had three birthday celebrations in our dorm.  Sveta, Vlad and Margarita.

No other news.




Sophie’s Letter

2014-03-12 14-59-12_0098Hi, girlfriend!

I’m doing excellent.  At work as well.  We’ll be starting new math notebooks with the kids soon. For the past month the children have had many individual lessons reviewing all the new material they’ve learned.  We’ve also practically learned to count using counting sticks.

Started learning English.  Already learned the seasons and the corresponding months of the year.

Also, made some figurines using cold porcelain and clay.  Made a composition out of quilling.  Colored drawings in an album.  Played basketball, soccer and other sports outside.

I’ll say good-bye for now.  Till later!  Bye.


Lilya’s Letter

2014-03-12 14-42-50_0096 2014-03-12 14-43-49_0097 (2)









Hi, Tanya!

How is everything? How is your health? I haven’t heard from you in all this time – when are you going to write back? 🙂

Everything here is fine! I’m always doing everything on the go and last minute. Even now I’m writing while at work. The kids are busy in gym. Yesterday, during our beading class, we had a small, spontaneous concert! Oleg picked up an imaginary microphone and was singing along with the music while Maksim Balabas and Yura started dancing – they were so into it I had a hard time stopping them!

Before lunch, some of the kiddies went to the Berdyansk Zoo. Oleg Solov’ev was one of them. I’m surprised that in his hyperactivity he didn’t manage to drag home a lion by the tail!

We’ve just finished a new beaded item ‎- now it’s time to move on to another. I think one time I wrote you about starting flower making classes.

‎I tried making flowers out of cold porcelain – it’s a self-hardening material, similar to polymer clay. The material is actually quite accessible, non-toxic and interesting to work with! It consists of starch, glue with glycerin and citric acid. Will now try showing it to the children. I think it won’t be too difficult for them. So now, in addition to real flowers growing in the Spring, we’ll have flowers growing out of beads and porcelain! And our little house will become even prettier and cozier!

At home everything is fine. My oldest daughter is graduating from high school this year. We’ll be getting ready for the prom.

It’s the first day of Spring!‎ Hello to everyone! Kisses!



Olya’s Letter

2014-03-12 16-33-33_0103 2014-03-12 16-34-51_0104









Hello, dear girlfriend,

Sending you the warmest greetings from Olga and the children of our dorm. We would like to share with you how we spent the last month of the winter. It was cold, so in the beginning of the month the kids and I played in the hallways and other indoor areas, but eventually we went back to our regular routine. Now, when the sun is out, we take small groups of kids to play outside. They brighten up and become very excited when they see me take out their coats – they love going outdoors.

I also continue to work with Angela in the playroom -she stands well, but still has a hard time walking. Sasha Kosarmygin is doing really great – he can stand up by himself, while holding on to something and for some time can stand independently. Roma Motrenin is a very friendly boy – he can share a toy, take it away, and strokes the other children’s faces with such gentleness that it seems that he is afraid of hurting them somehow.  Danil throws tantrums – wants attention, but doesn’t want to learn new words at all.

At home everything is fine. I’ll end my letter here.





Valya’s Letter

2014-03-12 16-06-48_0101 2014-03-12 16-07-50_0102Hello, dear girlfriend!

Sending you a huge hello from all of us. We are doing well. We are studying, going outside and playing with toys in the house. We are also preparing for the International Women’s Day celebration on March 8th. All the boys who can speak will be taking part in the performance, while Ruslan and Maksim Balabas will be supporting them through dance. Artem is the best at memorizing poems – he has already learned 3 out of the assigned 4.

Artem, Oleg and Maksim have learned to do push-ups and Ruslan, Oleg and Artem can also do pull-ups. Maksim Palishko can repeat sentences and Maksim Balabas has started to pronounce some words.

On February 21st, the residents of dorms #1 and #4 had prepared and performed a concert in honor of the Day of the Nation’s Defenders – we went to see it. Our boys – Maksim Balabas, Yura Chebotorev and Ruslan Fedorchenko gladly took part in the dances.

Yesterday Ruslan wrote his first and last name while listening to the spelling, without looking up the letters in the primer.

That’s all of our news.