Lucy Anne B. Feliciano


Lucy Anne B. Feliciano • Date of Birth: 10/30/2011

Health: Good • Religion: Catholic

Favorite Pastimes: Reading, Painting, Coloring • Favorite Subject: Mathematics • Favorite game or sports: modeling clay
Jobs at home: Washing Dishes, sweeping, folding clothes

Number of Brothers: 0 • Number of sisters: 0 • Lives with: Uncle, aunt and cousins

Parents: Father’s Name: Pablito Feliciano • Occupation: none
Mother’s Name: Karen Base • Occupation: in jail

Living Condition
Running Water: Yes • Electricity: Yes • Latrine: Yes • Cooking Facilities: Stove

Home Construction
Walls: Concrete • Type of Roof: Galvanized Iron • Floor: Cemented • No. of Rooms: 2

She is an SSES (Special Science Elementary School) student. She is a majorette in her school. Her parents are separated.
She stays with her aunt who is taking good care of her for her parents cannot support her.

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