A story of a mother’s love… for a little girl Madel.

MAdel Francisco 4

Madel’s smile!

Madel has been one of our special little girls… she was first sponsored by Tiffany in August 2009.  She then was sponsored by Lana Dickinson in November 2010 and Lana has fallen madly in love with our little girl!



Lana keeps a picture of Madel in her home next to all her family pictures because she feels Madel has become part of her very own family.  She never forgets Madel’s birthday or Christmas. She goes out of her way to hand-select gifts, sends them from Bermuda via DHL to New York City, then we forward the special packages to the Philippines… all for a little girl. She even sends us extra funds to cover shipping costs to the Philippines!



Lana and her son Daniel

I made sure that during my visits, I take videos of the kids but most importantly little Madel, so Lana felt even closer to her.

But indeed Madel is truly a lucky little girl. Because not only do Lana and I love this little girl, her very own mother loves her dearly… and sacrifices all that she can for her daughter.  Her mother Hilda sells barbecue sticks to support her daughter. And travels through rain and long distances to get her monthly sponsorship items for Madel.  Often times, we couldn’t even get pictures of Madel because it was always her mother who came to the orphanage because she didn’t want Madel to have to endure the long trips back and forth.  That is truly a mother who loves her daughter more than anything.

sells BBQ stick

Hilda selling barbecue sticks to support her daughter

Sadly, for so many months, we didn’t get her recent pictures … and it was simply because where Madel lives in Norzagaray it’s further away from where our social worker friends, Agnes and Francia live! It was always Hilda who trekked more than 3 hours just to go to the orphanage.


But before we share the recent photos of Madel, I wanted to let you know how interesting our story is!

How did a woman in Bermuda come to sponsor a little girl all the way in the Philippines?


Hilda battled torrential rain and flooding just to go to pick up Madel’s items and a gift from Lana

I met Daniel while he was in NYC with his family while his father underwent surgery. He needed help with French tutoring in school and after many hours working together, he was curious about the charity work I was doing. I gave him a newsletter from 2010 and he passed it along to his mother.  She then contacted me and said how much she would love to sponsor a child.  And that’s how it happened!



If you’re curious how Lana chose Madel… well, here’s Madel’s original picture!







Well, I can keep going on and on… but I’ll end here with the most recent pictures of Madel… after months of waiting…

We apologize of the quality, but we’ll be sure to get better ones next time!

If you would like to sponsor a child like Madel, email!

I hope you enjoyed seeing Madel blossom!


<3 Maya

PS…. here’s the very first email from Lana

Hello Maya,

Thank you so much for your e-mail explaining about
Maya’s Hope . From what I have heard from Daniel and read on your web site you are quite an amazing young lady! I’m very impressed with your dedication to such a worthy cause – well done.

We are at the airport now ready to go home to Bermuda.
My husband has done very well after his surgery and thankfully he is improving by the day.

Just wanted to let you know  I would love to sponsor a child, so once we get home and settled I will go to your web site again and learn more.

I’m happy you were able to help Daniel with his French last week,
I know he certainly appreciated it. Probably the best french lesson he has ever had!

So thank you again Maya and I will be back in touch with you soon….

All the very best wished to you…

With kindest regards,


Submitted by Maya Rowencak.



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