Margarita Laughs! – Maya’s Hope


You may remember Margarita… so frail, fragile, gasping for air… Kate Blewett referred to tiny Margarita in her BBC Documentary as in a “chronic state…”

But guess what? She’s a tough cookie our Margarita! She beats all odds… She laughs at the thought of defeat…

That’s why she’s a Maya’s Hope Superstar!!!! (Crowd goes wild!!! Everyone cheers!!!)

So, to keep her going strong, I made this special sponsorship called Margarita’s Hope… in her honor… because we believe she can fight this battle…

Read up on our Princess here and watch a smile slowly grow on your face…

Our Margarita is doing well! Especially since now she’s receiving formula regularly… all thanks to who? People like YOU!
Every time I go to the corner deli, the guys yell out “Princess!” I’m no Princess… this little one here is a REAL Princess.
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