Margarita Laughs!

Every time I go to the corner deli, the guys yell out “Princess!” I’m no Princess… this little one here is a REAL Princess. Margarita is a beautiful princess who lives in a faraway land called Ukraine… and each and every day she is threatened by the evil creature that torments her health every day. I don’t know why, but when I first saw her face, she was just the most precious angel child… And when I saw her struggling to take a breath and how badly she fought fevers, my heart broke. Like in this segment from the documentary Ukraine’s Forgotten Children And that’s why we were inspired to help. We started a program called Margarita’s Hope to sponsor formula for Margarita and children like her at Chernigov orphange in Kalinovka, who can’t eat normal food because of a compromised digestive system. Now our Princess is doing much better, as you can see in her before and after pictures. I hope others will see Margarita not as a picture of a little girl in a faraway land, but as your very own Princess. This little princess deserves to get all the attention… every day she struggles and fights, and still, she manages to smile… she even laughs when you open her hand!

We recently discovered that Margarita laughs when you try to open her fist!

Her eyes sparkle even though she feels so much physical pain… When I see Margarita, I can’t help but think how lucky we are to have her in this world. Because she has touched my heart, and the hearts of many. Our partner, Mariya of Happy Child Foundation in Ukraine sent us an update about Margarita… as well as Tanya and Nastya — the 2 new children we’ve extended help to through our Margarita’s Hope program. I nearly cried when I learned that Margarita laughs! From Mariya:

She’s back at the orphanage now, after her hospital visit. Tanya has now more weight, in August she had 15kg and now 21. Thank you for it too! Nastya has also still the same condition… It’s funny and sad to write, but the main nurse asked me yesterday, if I knew, how long the children should get the nutrition… I should find a doctor there asap… The person who had to start today, had abandoned yesterday. The same story was with other doctors, but I’ll try to find another… I hope, I can… One of the nurses said me, that Margarita laughed when somebody tried to open her fist. And after I’ve checked it, I know, that it’s true 🙂

To clarify, the only doctor at the orphanage today is Olga, a retired dentist. No other doctor who would take the job, and they are still desperately looking for a doctor with more experience with children. In a cruel world, Margarita reminds me what is truly important in life… and it’s life itself. Without a mother by her side, Margarita will not give up. Margarita is pure and beautiful. Her name means “daisy flower” in Spanish, or “pearl” in Greek. I can’t wait to see this little girl so I can hold her hand and make her laugh again. (To continue helping Margarita and children like her, see Margarita’s Hope.)

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  1. Marcy Ryn

    My name is Marcy and I run Wayward Wheels, Inc. an organization run by for and of the disabled. We do peer advocacy and recycle disability related equipment and medical supply’s to those in need. I have a major amount of items that could be use in the Ukraine for the disabled children there. A nebulizer and other breathing devices would truly help this little one.Children’s wheelchairs and other devices could also be sent with them to give a better quality of life. Please if you can use the things we have they are free and need a way for them to be sent there. Thank you!