Mark James – Norzagaray – Maya’s Hope

Oh man! We haven’t found a sponsor for Mark James! So, this weekend, I’m happy to say that Hermalina got sponsored… but little Mark James still hasn’t been sponsored… (Boo hoo)… I recently requested some new pictures of Mark James as this one here is from 2009! (I know, I know… ) But the reason simply is… because he never got sponsored since then. Hmph! So until our social worker Agnes gets us some new pictures, this is all we have… BUT, I’m positive we’ll find him a Maya’s Hope sponsor… Why? Because, well look at him… he’s too darn cute. Mark James does not ask for much. All he wants to do is finish hisstudies, and you have been such a great part of that. Even though hisfather works two jobs as a driver and a farmer and his mother is ahouse-keeper, life has still dealt them a tough hand of cards. via Maya’s Hope – on Facebook