May 2015 – Lilya’s Letter!

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Hello my Dear Friend,

How are you? What’s new? We are doing well; continue making parts for the beaded trees. I lost a couple of helpers, since Maxim, Yura, and Artem are in a summer camp by the sea.







Doctors removed Oleg’s cast and he can walk now.



Sasha also tried walking a bit, however, with the help of a walker and several tricks 😉



Also, this month we made some blue and yellow heart shaped key chains and painted a bench in the yard. We made a swan shaped flower pot for a pelargonium and now kids take care of it. Sealing foam mushrooms are almost finished. Also we made a toadstool and a bush of dandelions out of plastic bottles. Now we need more sealing foam and paints to finish our forest meadow project. Also we made a frog picture out of dough.

Oh, by the way, recently I had a conversation with Sergey. We chatted for a couple of hours; laughed and cried at the same time.

Sergey and Lilya in Ukraine 2013

Sergey and Lilya in Ukraine 2013

This is it. Send you another letter soon.

Translated by Lyudmyla Korchevska

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