Meet Deanna (Maya’s Hope’s very first sponsor), and Rolando!

Four years ago, before Maya’s Hope was officially a non-profit organization, I met Deanna through one of her co-workers. Inspired by her mom, she and her family decided to sponsor a boy by the name of Rolando in the Philippines, and they became the very first member of our Maya’s Hope family!

Deanna and her lovely family in New Jersey 🙂

“I am extremely honored to be the first sponsor via Maya’s Hope. I really enjoy bringing a smile to someone’s face plus nothing can replace the feeling of helping a child in need.

The main reason that I decided to sponsor Rolando was because of my mother. She passed away over 5 years ago and she always loved to contribute, especially to children’s charities. I wanted to continue her legacy by helping a child in need; I was fortunate to meet Maya through one of my co-workers.

I have truly found the utmost joy in sponsoring through Maya’s Hope for the past 4 years.”

Rolando solves a puzzle

Thanks to Deanna, Rolando can focus on school and enjoy his childhood, rather than worrying about how to get his next meal or how to afford school supplies. Deanna and Rolando have also become good pen pals over the years.

Rolando started out in Bethlehem House of Bread (BHB) Orphanage, but now stays at San Martin de Porres Orphanage. San Martin is in Bustos (in Bulacan, Philippines) about 10 minutes away from BHB. It’s on a beautiful “farm” community. The environment is quite the contrast to the life Rolando lived at BHB, but hopefully, he’ll learn to be more independent.

Rolando is no longer the tiny little guy — he’s growing up into a young man before our very eyes!

Rolando absorbed in a faraway world

ALSO… here are a few videos! You really get to see his personality in them. This video was from my trip to the Philippines last year, where I surprise him with gifts from Deanna. He’s adorable! He says “maraming pencils”, which means “a lot of pencils”.

And over here, he was drawing a picture with his friends at school!

Thank you Deanna for being “Auntie Deanna” to Rolando, for showing him that love has no borders, and for being a part of Maya’s Hope’s growing family!