Meet Arnold Kim


Hey! My name’s Arnold and I started off helping manage a project with Maya’s Hope last Fall. Now I get plugged into various things as needed.

I currently live in Boston, but I’ll be making my way down to the D.C. metro area soon for work and school. I’m a project manager in the banking industry, but my number one passion has always been in mental health and child advocacy. As far as hobbies goes… since the pandemic started, I’ve developed a penchant for gaining extra weight, and an unnecessary habit of hoarding hand sanitizer and toilet paper (do I really need 32 rolls?).

From the people that I’ve met, I can tell there’s a lot of passion and genuineness here within the volunteer group. The Coronavirus has fundamentally transformed how we interact and find meaning in our lives, but Maya’s Hope has allowed me to feel connected in a socially-distant world.