Meet Katie Thiery Huggins


I currently reside in Ashtabula, Ohio. I am married. We have a 6 year old daughter, Mera. In addition, We have three cats (two were strays, one from a shelter) and two dogs (one from a pound, one from a shelter) in our family. I love animals and children. I am a Licensed/Registered Dietitian and a Certified Lactation counselor. I love working with moms and kids. (Initially, when I started studying nutrition, I wanted to work with malnourished children outside of the US) I have a BS in Dietetics from The University of Akron and a MS in Public Health Nutrition from Case Western Reserve University. I was a WIC dietitian in Ashtabula for 4 years. I quit my job when my daughter was born. I am a stay at home mom at the present time.

I discovered Maya’s Hope in 2016. I was starting to look into/ curious about international adoptions. I was researching the process to adopt from different countries. I was thinking maybe the Ukraine. Along my search, I stumbled upon Maya’s Hope. I instantly fell in love with your mission, your charity.

My first contact with your charity was with Keshia. I had a lot of new toys that I wanted to donate for the holiday season in 2016. I thought of Maya’s Hope. I ended up shipping a box of assorted new toys to New York for Keshia to ship to the Ukraine for Christmas. Since then Maya’s Hope has become my favorite charity. Your charity is sincere, passionate, and full of heart.