Meet Rachel Meredith


Hi! I’m Rachel! I work for my family’s environmental business, am a wife and mother of three littles. It’s easy to stay focused on my own busy life but sometimes you see something you can’t unsee and it changes you. Maya’s Hope changed me years ago with a picture of a small, malnourished girl neglected in an orphanage. They were raising funds for additional caregivers, food and diapers that the orphanage couldn’t afford. I remember thinking about how I’d been giving to larger organizations and just trusted the money would be well-spent- but there in front of me was a girl, I knew her name and I could directly help HER through Maya’s Hope- this little child who was literally used to being hungry and alone. I’ve been a donor for years and have watched the love that Maya and her team put into this work and I’m grateful to be a part of it. Maya’s Hope has expanded to provide emergency surgeries, medical supplies, nutrition and more for these little souls who deserve to be seen.