Nikita received his first Mickey Mouse!

We try our best to keep our cutie pies happy in Ukraine. While we try to avoid shipping items because it is quite costly and nerve-racking to send items to Ukraine, we still decided to send some toys anyways!

We raised just a small amount… BUT check out the smiles of the kids!!!

We had to thank the special people who donated to this and made these kids feel realllly special!

The Bloom Family

Ferrara Family

Heather Waits

Debbie Marks

Lorna Vassallo

Derek and Sarah Warriner

Monica Sotolongo


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Nikita modeling his Mickey Mouse shirt!


Nikita getting his very first Mickey Mouse!












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Yura with his monkey!


Yura with his monkey!













Special thanks to Mariya for taking pictures and making videos of our cutie pies as they received their presents!

Yura receives his present!


Margarita gets her own Motion and Light Musical Sound Machine for her crib!


If you would like to donate to purchase toys, you can here! 


Submitted by Maya Rowencak.