How Much Intellect Does One Need? – Sasha Reports

Each month, Sasha our massage therapist submits a report on the children he massages at Kalinovka and Kirovo.

Check out his report from February 2014!

     How much intellect does one need?


“There is no limit to human stupidity” – A. Einstein.  



Sasha with Olya

In reality this has two meanings Expression …
A Real-Life application of this concept Keeps growing in my head, Tearing it into Countless Thoughts. How much do you need in order not to Take away That Portion of freedom and comfort That is already Divided by the higher Ranks? Spending time with These Thoughts in two places at the Same time, I See A Certain similarity Between Goals and Thoughts.
Do people’s positions in Life Coincide in the Realm of How to do less and more Get? The Useless arguments All over mundane things, presenting Them as Accomplishments, etc. You can Only Come to the following Conclusions:

1) These people do not know they’re doing except What How to clean someone’s ears or clip Their nails, Which Far from every Caregiver is even doing; Transport and to the Children from Their beds to the massage table.

2) These people do not know How to justify Their Actions or protect Themselves. Of the latter I Became Convinced DURING Prevailing Circumstances, specifically – I Became A Witness to A conflict. Having reasonably Explained Actions They have the right to Perform A and the They do not ones. How to Express the issues, in form and What to Whom.

I was rudely awakened by the answer of these people: We’ve told the supervisors … We won’t write anything about it or they’ll eat us alive … Let someone else take care of it … It’s easier to move away … Since there is no other work in the four surrounding villages, it’s easier to accept it … Essentially this proves the point that people who work there lack an education, if they are incapable of protecting themselves, they are consequently Incapable of Protecting anyone else. Specifically Those WHO are in Charge of this Institution, primitively manipulating the Consciousness into instilling the fear of losing job A, That is, the person is WHO Given the power does not Recognize the Fact That he holds the Responsibility in more than that which gives him that power … And the saddest fact is that those people constitute the 99%. These people are kept Being Locked up in Their own Mind, but They allow this to happen, by not seeking Education and by denying absolutely everything.


Even When Given an Instrument with instructions, They refuse to do anything. It’s A Complete Demoralization, and each New signee involuntarily Becomes such an Individual … And I must Recognize the Fact That the fruits of my Labor, Though indirectly, depend on Them .

Sasha and artem on table copy

Sasha with Artem

For instance, Artem. His body musculature is too Weak to Fight gravity, center of His Muscular Skeletal analyzer is damaged, plus the Contractions of the Hip joints, to put it simply – the shifting center of gravity in the moment of Lifting, the Position of the foot as well as the inability to move the legs apart … He admitted in the video that he does not do the exercises, you can understand it coming from a child with mental delays, but at the same time more responsible than some of the staff … While the problems concerning musculature can be solved relatively easily during 3-6 months of intensive exercise sessions, the problem with his central nervous system will not be resolved 100% … In addition to everything, he is already 13 years old, which complicates the question of rehabilitation of the completely formed neuroreflex activities … Also, the orphanage has no resources to obtain the equipment prescribed by the orthopedist.

Despite All this, we are progressing. A Proof of That is the statement Made by the orthopedist at the Regional Hospital Zaporozhie. Among Other things Artem WAS prescribed Swimming and Sanatorium type A treatment. The physician from the orphanage has Asked me to be involved. Realizing that I cannot abandon the rest of the kids and simultaneously understanding that this step can be decisive in the development of this one child, I may use my vacation days to go …


I also would like to note improved development of other children:

1979315_804590549555565_619176201_o (1)


Sasha  – has Become more active in Crawling; Improved Vocabulary; Generally Peaceful Relations with Other Children; Periodically in conflict over toys, Usually with Roma; massage happily accepts.  (19 years old)






1960863_808199939194626_1930806384_o (3)


Olya – has Overcome the fear of lying on her stomach; crawls Actively; can Stand on her Knees; with Support Stand up can Independently; Developing Fine motor skills; has Become more attentive; massage happily accept.









Roma – active movement; can Stand on All Fours and Attempts to Move About; with Support Makes Attempts to Stand up; massage happily accepts.






1932577_794820230532597_1619884122_o (1)


Vlada – not active; can Move around on All Fours; legs can use to Move Backwards in A Walker; is Being Taught to Move forward in vertical Position with the use of Assistive equipment; accepts massage, at times with some resistance.









Varya – Actively About moves in vertical Position with success; more attentive; Developing Fine motor movements; learning to use A spoon.








Andrey – Actively bends and joints of the unbends the right knee; the movements of the left leg Take Place Actively less; Attempts to SIT up using right arm; accepts massage Without resistance.







1912431_795573383790615_1684474733_o (1)


Yegor – crawls Without the Involvement of legs; more active and attentive. Accepts massage happily.










Anzhela – Position of active movement on All Fours; Possible Damage of the Visual analyzer – cannot Determine the depth of field; can Fully Stand up with Support; learning to Move in vertical Position with the use of Assistive equipment; happily accepts massage.






translated by Kat Dudina