November 2015 – Liliya’s Letter!

Read the letters from the caregivers who love our cutie pies!

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Hi Tanya,

How are you? How is your health?

We are doing well. The winter has come and we are preparing for the holiday season. I hope I’ll have enough time to make for each boy a stocking for Christmas presents. That would be a wonderful surprise for them!


We started making ornaments for the Christmas tree. They are shaped as snowmen, balls, and cones. We decorated two cutting boards with pictures of bullfinches and angels and made a sea shell shaped plaster magnet and a ladybird out of a nut shell. Kids also made a beaded fall birch tree and flowers, however, we haven’t came up with a name for this piece yet.


Artem and Maxim



We also have a new boy. His name is Sasha. Let me describe our first dialogue:

– Hello!

– Hello!

– What is your name?

– Sasha.

– How old are you?

– Try to guess.

– Twenty?

– Nine.

– Nine?

– Twenty nine!

He suffers from his illness, drinks through a straw, but doesn’t want to eat ground food. What a foodie! 🙂



Gonna finish my letter here. Looking forward to hearing from you.


Translated by Lyudmyla Korchevska

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