November 2104 – Lilya’s letter!

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Hello Tania,

How are you? How is your family?

We are doing well here. The weather is wonderful today, sunny and frosty. Kids are excited about the Christmas holidays, sweets, and presents. They are talking about nothing but the Christmas tree and boast of the poems they’ve learnt. We are also preparing a very interesting Christmas performance. Recently we went to a concert in Zaporozhye and everyone had a blast, especially Yura. He, as usually, was showing interest in everything around him. Katya Trofimenko was very interested in people around her and tried to touch them ☺ She tried to fix the hats and hair of people sitting in front of her; hadn’t left anyone without her attention.


We crafted Christmas bells, snowflakes, and trees with beads. Also, we’ll try to knit with Artem and Sasha. We also made magnets out of polymer clay and decorated our house with sculptures of various materials at hand. Now we have little piglets with flowers, frogs, and even a donkey. Now we’ll start decorating it with Christmas ornaments which we gonna craft ourselves too.

I shall end my letter here, bye! Wish you good health and peace!



Lily nov lil nov


Translated by Lyudmyla Korchevska