November 2104 – Natasha’s letter!

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Dear Maya,

Decided to write you a letter today. How are you? Have you started preparing for Christmas yet? Here we are hoping to come up with something interesting for the holidays. The past month was very interesting and we crafted many new things. Always want to make something interesting and unusual that nobody else has.

I was thinking for a while about making somethings that kids would be very excited about. And I decided to make a picture, but not a painted one…I thought of laying it out with different grains, like buckwheat, wheat, millet, etc. I drew a moose from the beloved cartoon Smeshariki, and me and Larisa started laying it out with grains. Larisa was so excited; it was very interesting and unusual for her! She smelled the grains and even tried to taste it. Every shift after the lunch we worked on this picture. One day we worked on her writing and put puzzles together instead, and, when I was already leaving home, Larisa told me she was sad because we hadn’t worked on the picture that day. Then I realized that we need to do something new with kids, something they haven’t done before. Even though there might be some difficulties… We all are scared when we start doing something new, but in the end we realize that it wasn’t that scary and difficult.

With Vera we tried playing with construction toys. She was just putting the bricks in one big pile and I was encouraging her to make figures out of them. At first she was just trying to repeat what I was doing, but then started making her own toys and they turned out to be better than mine.

It’s pretty hard to work with Katya and she just colors the pictures most of the time. I was trying to teach her folding the paper, but she would just roll it. However, we managed to put her talents to work anyway and made some beautiful and unusual flowers.

1456696_955996281081657_8272441146142852763_n (1)

Zhenya is so jiggy. She always tries to touch somebody or drop something. Once I was preparing to set up the table for meal and Zhenya came up to me. I was curious about what she wanted to do. I gave her the dishes, she took it and started setting up the table. So here’s one of her recent adventures. Now, when I call her from the kitchen, she just leaves everything she’s doing and runs to help me.


So, this was my month, Maya. I shall wrap up here. Looking forward to hearing back from you.




nata no nov nanat nov


Translated by Lyudmyla Korchevska