November Letters from the Ukrainian Mommas!

Each month our Ukrainian Mommas write about how fabulous and incredible the cutie pies are… under their loving care. 

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Raisa’s Letter

2013-12-03 14-35-21_0035 (1)Hello, my friend Maya,

This is Raya G., the caregiver from dorm #2, writing.  ‎I want to let you know that at home everything is fine. My children are studying. My son, Vitalik, is going to Turkey in April for 6 months, on an internship. My daughter, Natasha, is finishing her 5th year at law school.

In the beginning ‎of the month we celebrated a holiday at the children’s home – Social Worker Day. We had a concert – some singers from Chernigov, it was fun.



Artem with Sasha
Photo: Maya Rowencak
Bogdan with Raisa
Photo: Maya Rowencak

Every day the kids spend in the playroom and we also go outside for fresh air.  Danil K. started saying many words well and crawls around independently in the playroom. Every day the kids go for massage and afterwards they are more relaxed and take some time to rest. Sasha and Bogdan were adopted by foreign parents and they were already taken away. No other news.






Lilya’s Letter

2013-12-03 15-13-56_0039Hi, Tanya!How are things? How is your health? I’m doing well and wishing you the same.

At work everything is great. The kiddies are really enjoying beading.‎ Last week we sent a package to England. We made different souvenirs and a few birch trees. Now we’re preparing for New Year and Christmas! We’ll be making snowflakes, angels and various decorations for the Christmas tree.

Two weeks ago a colleague and I conducted a workshop on beading at the Vinniza center for professional rehabilitation of people with limited abilities and at the Ladyzhinsk children’s home – division 4. The trip was very interesting. Not only did we share our experience with them, but also became interested in new forms of art. Now we have tons of ideas! One is to add flower arranging to our beading work and turn these two art forms ‎into one. I think the boys will like this!

At home everything is fine. That’s all. Write!





Valya’s Letter

2013-12-03 15-30-08_0040


Oleg with Valya

Hello, dear girlfriend!

Sending you a huge hello from me and my boys!

We are doing well.

The guys are all healthy.

Every day we do lessons and spend time outside.

During the lessons, Sergey is the most active. I’m reading a book with him – “Three Little Pigs” and we laughed together when he flipped the letters in the word “wolf”. In general, all the boys are doing well. The only trouble maker is Oleg. At first he gets into trouble (poured soap bubbles into the aquarium with fish) and then asks for forgiveness.

I’ll end my letter here.




Olga’s Letter

2013-12-03 15-01-44_0036 2013-12-03 15-03-28_0037 2013-12-03 15-04-54_0038








1465858_741634102517877_481107543_o (1)










Hello dear girlfriend.

Please accept our warmest wishes from Olga and the children from our dorm. ‎We want to tell you about our daily happenings. The DVD player at the dorm has been fixed and now the kids from different rooms watch their favorite cartoons. Nowadays we spend more time inside the playroom because the doctors don’t always allow the kids to go outside in the Fall.

When it’s warm and sunny, I take my guys for long walks in their stroller chairs. Foma M. has started speaking; he repeats the words “give me”, “drink”, and “mama” well.  And Bogdan, Nikita and Olya are such great kids – at the end of the day they help to collect the toys and put them away. Danil can make a choice on his own, whether to watch TV, go to the playroom or outside. Sasha and Bogdan have left to live with their adoptive parents. Nikita will also be leaving us soon.  I feel both happy and sad – on the one hand they will now have a home and a family, but it’s still hard to say good-bye. I walked into Sasha’s old room today – his bed is made and there is no one to stretch his little arms up to me, as before. But I’m sure they will be fine!

1399320_741649152516372_1090363405_o (1)
Olga with Anzhela

Sasha T. has been ill lately, and we had to call an ambulance again for him recently.

At home everything fine. Irina will be home soon. On December 5 she will be 23 years old. I miss her very much. Kolya comes to visit often. I’ll end my letter here. Good-bye.





Sophie’s Letter

2013-12-03 15-38-44_00412013-12-03 15-40-14_0042










Hi, sister.

How is everything? I’m fine. At work things are in order. The kids are learning complex numbers, previous and following, the neighbors of the number in question. With every lesson the kids are learning new numbers and geometric figures, write them in their notebooks‎ and work on logics problems. We also practice problems that help improve attention and listening. We do exercises with symbols for “more than”, “less than” and “equal to”. The kiddies are struggling a bit, but the results make them happy when an outsider asks them what number it is, or what geometric figure and they can respond correctly.



They also play outside, watch cartoons, put together puzzles, and color.

I’ll end. Good-bye. Till we meet again!



Translated by Kat Dudina

Photos by Mariya Syemashkina