October 2014 – Lilya’s letter!

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Hello Tanya!

It is me Lilya writing you! How are you? How’s your health?

We are fine here! I just recently came back from taking some time off of work. Coming back I started to first work with the older children.  Then, I was able to get back to my kids due to the help of other kindhearted workers. Today was the first time in two and a half months that I worked with the kids I started off working a night shift. The kids and I were joyous to reunite.


Yura and Lilya

The whole evening the kids were occupied with bead work. After, we drank tea and ate crepes. Then the boys and I worked on creating feux plants and flowers like the lotus flower. These flowers don’t grow in the Ukraine but we are enjoying the feux flowers nonetheless. We also made a special autumn tree that is called “the heart of Ukraine.”





Two new boys were added to our group. Their names are Sergey and Oleg. Sergey is very homely and shy. Oleg was with us previous. Oleg is used to playing with beads, he came right up to the crafts table right away and started to play. I hope that Sergey Polhin will one day remember how to do crafts and will to create a picture with us.



I miss you all, I would like to hear about how the other boys are doing. I especially miss Oleg and his beautiful tender eyes.

At home things are fine, the kids are going to school. The oldest has started to earn money for the family.

That’s all for now!

Write and come to visit!

Sending kisses,


Translated by Yuliya Dudkina

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