October 2014 – Sophie’s Letter!

Read the letters from the caregivers who love our cutie pies!

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Hello, Sister!

How are you? I’m alright; lots of news at work. We got two new boys, Sergey S and Oleg P. Oleg, right after his arrival, was exploring everything and hugging all employees. He played with the toys almost the whole day, as if he’d never had them before. Sergey a quite a different case. He has problems with one eye, tries to touch it with his hands all the time, doesn’t want to do anything, and is irritated all the time. When I give him pictures to color, he throws them away and starts drawing on the desk.





Recently we had two holidays, the Day of Senior People and the Day of Social Workers. Kids attended several concerts. They really enjoy attending events like that! They danced, cheered, and clapped their hands.

Maxim B. recently had his birthday. We prepared a cake and presents for him. Kids wished him happy b-day and he was in the center of attention the whole day. He was very happy!


Happy Birthday Maxim!

Otherwise, everything is as usual. We craft, learn to write, and play outside with the children.




Yura and Olya

I shall finish my letter here. Bye!

Translated by Lyudmyla Korchevska