If you knew you could help ONE child in the Philippines…?

This is one boy’s story in the Philippines. His tragedy is not a typhoon. It’s pneumonia.


Jonel is one of our sponsor children.

His sponsorship is $30 a month.

When he faced pneumonia, we had to help him even more.


From Aviann, Jonel’s Sponsor:

unnamedI always tell my parents I never understood a parental love; to love someone so much that you would do everything in your power to keep them safe and happy. Recently, Jonel, my sponsor child got seriously sick and I felt so helpless. I think I got a bit of knowledge about how it feels to love a child. Its hard to hear everything Maya says is going on and not be able to be there! When I first looked at Jonel’s files, I saw a boy robbed of his childhood. Actually, I saw many kids robbed of so many things we take for granted. I just wanted to help them all, but Jonel caught my attention because he is a brother, and a son to a mother who is taking care of the family on her own. I thought if I could help him get an education and necessities, maybe just maybe he can help his family one day.

Now he is sick and he is missing school and his mom has to pay all these bills. It’s so tragic! I can see he is a strong person and I know he will have a full recovery, but it still breaks my heart. He is growing up so nicely, its so wonderful to see his progress from when I first started sponsoring him. I hope this sickness does not taint his life again and he goes on to become a strong and educated young man who helps others.


Here is Jonel’s story…

Tell us about Jonel’s mom.

1452217_575661932502911_1107655738_n (2)


Josie is Jonel’s mother.

3:00 AM: She wakes up and gets her products at Sapang Palay market- that’s a town away from Norzagaray and she vends it to her neighbors.

6:00 am: She prepares Jonel’s breakfast. After which she cooks dishes for vending again for lunch.   She also sells detergent powder and bath soap on a commission basis.

Where is Jonel’s father ?

Jonel’s mother has been a widow for years now leaving another son who is now 6 years old.

How is Jonel doing?


Jonel after blood transfusions

He had check up yesterday and as per doctor’s advise he has to come back this coming Tuesday, Dec 3. At the moment, he is staying temporarily at his Auntie’s place in Valenzuela City which is nearer, this is part of Metro Manila.  His face is still swollen and his lower limbs as well.  He is taking medicines for this. As further tests would be done this Tuesday, we would know the update.

975973_610815545603933_586120118_o (1)

Jonel’s kitchen

How does Jonel live?

He lives with his mother and brother in a one room affair house made of concrete and the roofing made of tin sheets of iron. He gets water from the neighbor who has water connections, but for washing clothes and bathing, they go to the river which is a few steps away.  Stove is made of charcoal and they have no electricity.

How did Jonel develop pneumonia?

He gets constant colds and cough that made his immune system weak.

Jonel pic

Jonel when he first became sponsored. Age 9

What about his school?

He has been absent for almost a month now.  The teacher has been informed and he has to catch up on his lessons.

But for the moment, we cannot be assured when can he go back to school.


Here’s more of his story.


If you would like to help Jonel, you can start HERE.

If you would like to sponsor a child like Jonel, start HERE.

Contributed by Leila Fernando-Tolosa and Agnes Roman (Bulacan, Philippines)


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