Photo Diary – December 03, 2012 at 07:40PM

Добро пожаловать!!!! Welcome!!!!

Whoopty Doo Da Day! Steven from the U.K. is our newesttttt Margarita’s Hope Sponsor!

So how did Steven find out about Maya’s Hope and Margarita? Well months ago, he contacted me after he saw Kate Blewett’s BBC Documentary on our Cutie Pies, called “Ukraine’s Forgotten.” He was so moved to help and said, sign me up! He got so busy with life and just when I got back from Ukraine last week, he said, Maya, I’m so sorry… I want to sponsor! He didn’t know what to choose so he asked me to decide for him…

Me? Oh no… I love my Margarita more than anything! But my cutie pies also need a caregiver… so I said, Listen, Margarita and other bedridden children (there are four of them) are in desperate need of Nestle Peptamen. It is a matter of life or death keeping this on this nutrition. BUT, the Guardian Angel program allows the children to have caregivers and extra tender loving care that (gasp) many of the other state provided caregivers don’t always seem to provide (oops, did I just write that? I did.)

So we made a deal, 50% of his sponsorship goes to Margarita’s Hope (formula sponsorship) and 50% goes towards a caregiver’s salary. Deal.

How great is that? Win, win!

Let’s welcome Steven from the United Kingdom to the Maya’s Hope Family!

Do you want to be as cool as Steven? Well read about Margarita’s story… and maybe you want to help too! via Maya’s Hope – on Facebook