Photo Diary – December 05, 2012 at 09:44PM

Just to catch you up on the cutie pies… we posted about Igor before, but you never know with Facebook… these cutie pies get lost in the Facebook raging river called the “newsfeed”…

But you may be looking at this cutie pie and saying, “IT’S VLADIK!!!!”

You’re wrong. You saw Vladik’s video yesterday… this is Igor who also resides in the bedridden children’s ward. Since we are taking requests, Igor was second and this picture is too cute, we had to post Igor!

Igor is sooooooo sweet. BUT, he hits himself… and sometimes he hits himself so hard he starts to bleed. It’s just the saddest thing to see… because he knows he can’t control himself. You can see from his chin in this picture where he was bleeding. In Ukraine, their iodine stains the children green. But I think it’s cute. After all, Kermit the Frog was green. And he said, “it ain’t easy being green.”

We should change it to: “It ain’t easy being cute.”

Igor isn’t cute. He’s beautiful and amazing!

P.S. if you missed Vladik from yesterday… you can see him here… via Maya’s Hope – on Facebook