Photo Diary – December 07, 2012 at 07:26PM

I hate to interrupt your Friday night… but I was so busy and because I receive 100s of emails a day, I have to absorb a lot of information and respond rather quickly. Today, Mariya mentioned to me in an email that our beloved Margarita and Nastia are both in the hospital for high fever. As you know, Margarita is the little angel whom we named a sponsorship program after. We have sponsors who contribute to the formula of 4 amazing children – Margarita, Nastia, Maxim and Tanya… so, when I read that Margarita is back in the hospital, it just occurred to me at 10:23 PM on a Friday night, that our baby girl is in the hospital. When I was with her holding her just a few weeks ago, she was always sweating. She was always hot. She coughed up her formula and it was so painful to watch as her lips trembled every time she had to spit up.

Please pray for our angels… I know we took some requests this week to highlight some of our cutie pies… but I think this weekend, we’ll devote to Margarita… our precious one… and then Nastia…

Our princesses are again alone… and how I wish they had someone by their bed, stroking their little heads, and holding their hands…

With love,
Maya via Maya’s Hope – on Facebook