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Photo Diary – December 12, 2012 at 05:29PM

“This picture means a lot, knowing it was one of the few moments I have with Zhenya, captured in a click. While I always did my best to spend as much time with many kids, I often had my attention stolen by one child… in this case, it was Ruslan on my lap. I couldn’t move the child unless I picked him up, placed him down and moved quickly. Although Ruslan is blind, he’s quick and knows exactly where to find me. His sense were so strong he always knew where I was in a room.As he sat on my lap, he always made sure if I moved my arms, he would place them back right around his chest because he loved to be hugged. Total cuddle-bunny.

But this picture isn’t about Ruslan… what makes this picture most beautiful is that I reach out to touch Zhenya’s face. He sat next to me constantly leaning over and repeating the same expression. He was always so intense. So serious. It was like he was giving me a top secret – super confidential briefing… I never knew what he said, but I just nodded and said “da”, “da”… and nod…

Even though Ruslan, the sweetest child who desired so much to be held and hugged, Zhenya sat next to me with his legs neatly folded, sharing his thoughts, and asking questions to a foreigner who didn’t know his own language. Maybe Zhenya was just a philosopher or poet waiting to be discovered…

Zhenya was a good kid. They all are. I only wish these kids knew how amazing they are.”

Rest in peace Zhenya…

You are missed. via Maya’s Hope – on Facebook