Photo Diary – December 15, 2012 at 02:59PM

During our trip, Justine and I made sure to take as many pictures, and document the children in their condition… but do our best to show the beauty of each child. It wasn’t always an easy task to do. Some were in pain and suffering… some had horrible disfigurements… but they are children. They are the innocent ones left here for us to help and take care of.

Today, after we learned about the shocking news of Nastya’s passing, Justine, the photographer from Visit to Cutie Pies at Kalinovka, posted this picture.

I also wanted to share her comment. It’s such a painful day… to lose another child after yesterday’s tragedy, and having lost Zhenya just a few weeks ago. I never knew that this work in helping kids, which is a great passion of mine, would bring such pain in my own life.

I will end this with Justine’s posting as it expresses emotions that many may understand, especially when you have seen children in these institutions, in particular Ukraine.

“Little Nastya. RIP 12/2012. She was 10. She was blind, had to be fed through the nose tube, her teeth were rotting since no one cleaned them and she was unable to move due to her deformity, but all I wanted to show is her face because the rest really no longer matters. Some of the problems were due to a lifetime of neglect and rejection from the humans that should have been there for her, the parents… but that does not excuse anyone from helping these kiddos.”

Hugs your kids tonight… hug your parents… just be thankful for your health… not everyone is so lucky to be healthy and loved. For these children, it’s a damn luxury.

Maya via Maya’s Hope – on Facebook