Photo Diary – December 15, 2012 at 09:29AM

Oh, this is just terrible… I hate to even post this. This was the girl we were providing formula for through Maya’s Hope. When I visited her some weeks ago, I remember her crying in what I thought was excruciating pain… and now she’s gone…

Mariya our partner in Ukraine just informed us:

“Last week we were discussing in Kalinovka with some people from the local government about removing the sickest bedridden children back to Zaporozhye. Nastya could be one of these children. She was the sickest child in Kalinovka. She had hydrocephaly and died because of the cephaledema at the intensive care at the local hospital on the 7.12. Honestly, I’m glad for her… This child was just still suffering there, now she won’t cry anymore. Rest in peace, little angel. The next one, the sickest child in Kalinovka now is Margarita, just back from the hospital…”

This is a painful week for the world…

Please keep Nastya in your prayers… along with all the children we have lost this week.

Maya via Maya’s Hope – on Facebook