Photo Diary – December 20, 2012 at 07:35PM

Sr. Bernarda is not much for taking pictures… and every time I’m with her, I just wish there was someone with a camera recording her every word…

She lights up when she talks about children and music… she just loves life.

We discussed during intermission even about the bill that was voted in Russia to ban the adoption of Russian children to American families. She was shocked and disappointed.

And you know what she said? “They make sure that when they give kids to Americans for adoption, they give the sickest ones… many times, many children are psychotic.”

She shared some of her experiences and her friendships with those who have adopted from Ukraine and Russia. But all she could do is shake her head and say, “aww that’s too bad. The children suffer.”

Wise words, from a wise woman.

For a woman who has spent the past 20 years visiting orphans in Ukraine… I think she has a right to have an opinion.

She’s the angel that goes around searching for them in the forgotten institutions giving them toys, bananas, and her sweet hugs.

We love you Sr. Bernarda…

Maya via Maya’s Hope – on Facebook