Photo Diary – November 01, 2012 at 04:56PM

Goodness, I haven’t shown you Valya in a while! Who is Valya? Well, she’s one of our caregivers hired by Maya’s Hope… She’s an extraordinary woman (in fact it’s in her blood her grandson is gold boxing champion in Berdanyansk in Ukraine)

Here she is with good ol Sergey… Never a moment that she’s not with the kids by their side. We are very happy to have Valya because she is simply one of the women who loves these kids as her own. She really and truly loves what she does every day to make these kids lives better.

We are so grateful to have her part of the Maya’s Hope Family. Again, I’m thankful to all of our sponsors who make this all possible: Corbett (Illinois), Julie (Ohio), Sally (United Kingdom), Janet (Missouri), Daneille (Ohio), Vivek (Ohio), Anna (United Kingdom), Lorna (United Kingdom), Catherine (United Kingdom), and our newest sponsor Kat (New York).

Thank you for believing in Maya’s Hope and Valya… We’re doing our best to improve the lives of these children with small steps to make big change.

Photo courtesy of Julie Vilardo. 🙂 via Maya’s Hope – on Facebook