Photo Diary – November 03, 2012 at 12:14PM

I am notorious for squishy hugs and kisses. It’s my trademark. But there was a boy, Vanya, who totally stole my heart. There has not been a day that has passed that I haven’t thought about my Vanya. So, it’s time for us to be reunited. And you are part of it. YOU can be part of it.

I’m leaving for Ukraine in two weeks. It’s so last minute, I realize this, but it’s been a year, and now it’s time to really show why we need to help them. Some people may say, no, this is silly, I’m not going to contribute to pictures or a movie. I understand. I get it. But, without pictures, without videos, without me showing these things, you’ll never fully understand the great need that lies hidden in the countryside of Ukraine.

When I first visited orphanages around Kiev, I thought… hey, it’s not so bad. They have food. Kids are clean. Kids even sang songs for me because they were accustomed to performing for guests. But when I finally dug and searched for the orphanages that are neglected and saw the lives of these kids for a few days… well, it was shocking.

On Maya’s Hope, I show kids who are smiling, who can move around, but I never show the kids that spend their lives lying down in a crib. I don’t. So, I’m hoping that there are kind souls, that can look at this trip as the window opening Kalinovka and other orphanages to the world… showing the kids in their environment, so that you can see a glimpse of life… and you’ll realize, a video and pictures, are the most valuable tools we have that can create change and improve these children’s lives.
I know I post pictures, and pictures are great, but when you hear these children, see their expressions, see the longing in their eyes, you’ll understand why I work tirelessly every day to make their lives better. This video is for Margarita, for Vanya, for Vladik, for Nastia, for all the kids… because each one deserves someone to fight for them… They’re not lucky to have mothers around them to kiss them. So I’m going back, just to give them all the kisses I can… because I truly love them.

I hope you can help. via Maya’s Hope – on Facebook