Photo Diary – October 06, 2012 at 07:49PM

Every time I go to the corner deli, the guys yell out “Princess!”
I’m no Princess…
This little one here is a REAL Princess.
Margarita is a beautiful princess who lives in a faraway land called Ukraine… And each and every day she is threatened by the evil creature that torments her health every day… What I decided to do to save the Princess, was to send her formula… because it was the only way to keep the princess safe… So, we did… and now our Princess is doing much better!
When you open her fist, she even laughs! I want to make Princess Margarita laugh… And so we need your help.
I love this little girl. I don’t know why, but when I first saw her face, she was just the most precious angel child… And when I saw her struggling to take a breath and how badly she fought fevers, my heart broke. So we’re looking for help desperately to keep her alive… Our friend and sponsor Chersteen donated $10 extra tonight because she really believes in helping in every way. I hope others will see Margarita not as a picture of a little girl in a faraway land, but as your very own Princess…

She is my Princess. I hope you’ll too help our little Princess… via Maya’s Hope – on Facebook