Photo Diary – October 07, 2012 at 10:33PM

Since we always seem to do well in 3s, I had to post about John Dexter. He lives in the slums of Bustos in the Philippines… he doesn’t have a permanent home. They are tenants of a shack that has soil floor. They “rent.” Can you believe that? They’re at least lucky because they have a latrine. I’ve seen children just take a pot and do their “business” in front of me…

Like most of the boys his age, he loves basketball. His father is a farmer and his mother is a helper. I can’t imagine how difficult it is to earn a living that way, much less feed an entire family. He luckily comes from a small family, as he only has one sister.

I’ll have to admit that the older kids (John Dexter is 11), it’s usually more difficult than the cute children who are five years old… but sometimes, a person can see this child’s face and see a little bit of himself…

Even if we don’t find him a sponsor before the end of the year, perhaps someone would like to send him a basketball for Christmas… I’m sure he would feel like the luckiest kid on earth… via Maya’s Hope – on Facebook